We offer education in an ethical & professional environment in which quality dental care is provided to the patient.  
What are the Service Offerings by Various Departments ?
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What are the Service Offerings by Various Departments ?
The services of each specialty departments of dental college are offered to the general public independently or in close collaboration with referral from other departments of medical college.

The specialty departments of MADC&H are also teaching departments for dental students, interns, junior and senior residents (dental). The institute provides intense training to the dental students, interns, junior and senior residents (dental) as well as MBBS and nursing students (in dental subjects).

Specialty dental treatment offered.


Oral Diagnosis, Medicine & Radiology– Ground Floor
  • Diagnosis of oral & dental lesions and their early detection.
  • Medical management precancerous lesions of mouth and other infective inflammatory, neoplastic oral lesions.
  • Radiological investigation of oral and dental structures related to diagnosing different maladies.
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery– First floor
  • Extraction of teeth.
  • Surgical impaction.
  • Biopsies of oral lesions.
  • Routine and select advance oral surgical procedures.
  • Fractures of faciomaxillary complex.
  • Management of dental emergency and facial trauma.
Prosthodontics– Second Floor
  • Conventional complete dentures.
  • Conventional partial dentures
  • Routine maxillofacial prosthesis for defects.
  • Select cases pertaining to implantology
Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics– Third floor
  • Preventive treatment modalities.
  • Routine restoration (filling) of the carious (decayed) lesions and other dental defects.
  • Endodontic management of teeth.
  • Restorative management of traumatic injuries to teeth.
Orthodontics– Fourth Floor
  • Alignment of teeth with various appliances & scientific techniques.
  • It also co-ordinates with various medical & dental specialties to undertake maxillofacial surgical treatment.
  • Correction of occlusion in cleft lip and palate patients of various age groups.
  • Application of bite plates & similar other appliances
Pediatric Dentistry – Fifth Floor
  • Restorative procedures.
  • Orthodontic procedures.
  • Preventive procedures.
  • Prosthodontic procedures.
  • Scaling.
Periodontics – Sixth Floor
  • Oral prophylaxis.
  • Curettage.
  • Incision and drainage of periodontal abscess.
  • Emergency periodontal procedures.
  • Routine periodontal surgeries.
Oral Pathology – Seventh Floor
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Community Dentistry - Seventh Floor
  • Outreach Dental screening & services camps are organized regularly in various rural areas, urban slums, schools, colonies & N.G.O run institutions
  • Primary & preventive Dental care is routinely provided at centres adopted by the Department, viz. Prayas Juvenile Home (Delhi Gate) Arya Orphanage (Daryaganj) & Barwala village.
    • Various community health education programmes are conducted from time to time during Health Melas, Oral health month celebrations etc.
    • Epidemiological studies are taken up in collaborating with other agencies.
    • Undergraduate teaching & training in the specialty of Community Dentistry
  • Tooth whitening (Bleaching)
  • Smile designing using a wide range of natural shaded composite materials.
  • Surgical endodontics.
    • Apicoectomy
    • Intentional re-implantation
    • Hemisection
Oral Pathology – Seventh Floor
  The OPD is run on all working days from 9.00 AM to 12.30 PM in all departments of dentistry. The patients first report to Oral Diagnosis, Medicine & Radiology department for preliminary exam & are then referred to other departments according to their needs.

Costs (TREATMENT) A minimum charge is been paid bye the patients for the cost of the treatment.