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  1. The competition is only for children in the age group 10-14 years. School authorities are responsible to make sure. Independent entries must bring proof of age at the time of registering.
  2. The competition will begin at sharp 9.30 AM.
  3. Late registrations will not be entertained after 9.45 AM
  4. Drawings are allowed only on A3 sheets provided at the venue.
  5. Children must incorporate the theme ‘THINK MOUTH, THINK HEALTH’ and a SUITABLE SLOGAN in their paintings.
  6. Children must bring their own pencils, erasers and colours. They are free to use any type of colours according to their convenience
  7. Children must complete their drawings in the stipulated time 9.30 AM-11.30 AM and submit the sheets to the organisers
  8. Children must write their names, age, school name at the back of the painting.
  9. All children must wait for the prize ceremony to get over and for distribution of snacks and return gift to all children.