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Dental Floss
It is a type of interdental cleaning aid indicated to remove plaque from interproximal surfaces. Dental floss is available in various forms:
  • Multifilament - twisted/nontwisted
  • Bonded/nonbonded
  • Thick/Thin
  • Waxed/Non-Waxed
Choice of the type of floss is based on individual preference but one should be aware that this method of interdental cleaning is time consuming, difficult from technical aspect and carries risk of tissue damage. Floss holders have been designed to make flossing easier.

Functions of Dental Floss :
  1. Removal of adherent plaque and food debris from the interproximal embrasure and under the pontiffs of fixed partial denture.
  2. Polishing of tooth surface during removal of the plaque and debris
  3. Stimulating and massaging the interdental papillae.
  4. Improving oral hygiene.
  5. Reducing gingival bleeding.
Dental floss is available in a wide range of wax coating levels, yarn deniers, and widths. There are also specialized flosses that have stiff, soft, and puff sections. Thin flosses are preferred by those who have tight contacting teeth without sharp edges from poor filling. The waxed flosses are generally easier to hold and slide readily between tight contacts.

Methods of using dental floss - Spool Method
  1. 18 inches long floss is taken.
  2. 4inches from each hand is wound around the middle finger of each hand.
  3. Floss is inserted into the interproximal space and moved in to and fro motion.
  4. The process is repeated for all teeth

Other oral interdental hygiene aids commonly used are
  1. Wooden tips.
  2. Interproximal brushes.
  3. Powered interdental brushes.
  4. Unituft brushes.
  5. Irrigating devices (water pik)